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             For 4-H kids and their parents, “fair week” is a GREAT BIG DEAL! They have been building up to it all year. The Allen County fair is described as “the premier County Fair in West Central Ohio.” According to the website, the first one was held in the Village of Lima on October 21, 1851. Did you know that for 27 years, from 1922 until 1948, the Allen County Fair was held as a street fair in the City of Delphos? As the fair’s attendance and popularity grew, it fell just as sharply out of favor with the town’s residents. So, they moved it back to Lima, where it had more room to grow to the big event we know today. Thinking of the Allen County fair reminds us of so many great memories. The folks at our brokerage enjoy the Allen County fair for many different reasons.

             Our broker, Jeff Dulmage, enjoys going to the fair because it gives him an opportunity to connect with people and enjoy good food. His favorite memory of the fair is working in food vendors as a young man. He says that "working the food vendors was a fun summer job.”

              Bailey Joseph jokes that the thing she loves about the fair are the carnies. While she loves seeing family, friends, she really does enjoy meeting and connecting with new people. Her favorite memories of the Allen County fair are being a part of 4H and camping at the fairgrounds. She also enjoyed preparing to show her animals. She enjoyed The Junior Fair Livestock sale because she got to see all the local buyers come out and buy her livestock. Connecting with the buyers is another thing she loved about the livestock sale.

            Bailey’s mother, Amy, also has many good memories of The Allen County Fair. Her favorite is watching her girls prepare and show their horses and steers for 4H. Amy also has many great memories from being a part of the Fair Board for 18 years.

            Dave Mayer also is a long time Allen County Fair fan but his favorite memory was the time that he won a bicycle. His favorites food at the Allen County Fair are vinegar fries and elephant ears. Dave describes one favorite game as "the game where you throw rings at canes." Dave doesn’t just go to the fair to have fun as a guest, he has also been involved at Wildcat Den for the last few years.

            Our marketing intern, Caleb Dunlap, enjoys going to the fair to see all the booths and exhibits. He also enjoys getting strawberry ice cream bars from the dairy tent. He says that he “buys more than one ice cream bar at the Fair because they are so good and are reasonably priced.” Caleb has great memories of helping clean the fair as a fund raiser for the homeschool group he was a part of. He said that this was always a good memory because it allowed him to get into the fair for free on the days he worked. Caleb enjoys going to the fair because it is a great way to have a good time and connect with friends both new and old. He said that if it taught him one thing, it is to enjoy the fair but respect the vendors, the grounds, fellow fair goers, and all the people that make the fair possible.

             Vicky Green’s favorite foods at the fair are the funnel cakes and the fries!   Vicky has a favorite vendor that she buys them from every year. She says that she likes to go to these vendors because they have been there at the fair for years and their food is always the best!!! Vicky loves to go to the fair to make memories, have some laughs, and spend time with family and friends.

            From live music to livestock, fair food, fair games, and rides there is definitely something for everyone at the Allen County Fair! Something is sure to grab your attention and provide for some amazing memories. Let us know what your favorite memory, food, or thing is about the Allen County Fair! 



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